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Prenatal Education

There is no “right” way to give birth, each birth, situation, and baby is unique.  Made in Mama classes inspire confidence in women and their partners.

Private In-Home & Group Prenatal Classes


Why should I attend a prenatal childbirth class?

Parents, put your mind at ease.  Our classes remove the mystery and fear of the unknown and provide confidence.

Can I cope with having a 'natural' childbirth?

Yes, many women do.  However, every birth is different.  The focus must be on a healthy birth outcome.

What are the risks of pain medication?

Medications have many side effects, some of which are unknown.  Our classes will help you to better understand and lower risks.

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Birth is normal, natural and healthy!


With over 15 years of experience and study of birthing philosophies and childbirth education, blending approaches from both my learning back in England, and here in the USA. Made in Mama childbirth classes are a hybrid of Lamaze, Bradley, Spinning Babies and DONA; peppered with elements from the works of Ina May Gaskin, Birthing from Within, and The National Childbirth Trust.  My comprehensive prenatal class covers healthy pregnancy, avoiding premature labor, the physiologic process of childbirth, coping techniques, movement in labor, touch, massage and relaxation.  Made in Mama aims to promote the sanctity and intimacy of birth, yet inspire confidence in women and their partners to achieve a healthy birth outcome. There is no “right” way to give birth, each birth, situation and baby is unique.

Made in Mama classes will ensure expectant parents are well versed in interventions like epidurals and inductions and how to make truly informed decisions lowering the risk to both the mother and baby. The final session will focus on newborn behavior, the importance of skin-to-skin and strategies for the transition to parenthood and breastfeeding. We will also discuss birth place choices whether at home, birthing center or hospital.  Finally, the class will share what it means to be a  “Baby Friendly Hospital” and what both the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)  initiative means for the health of both mother and baby.